Free Style Collection Troublemaker

Ch. Fairwind's Fridaynight Tango

Ch. Lamar's Barrister

Forjay's Soul Sensation

Lamar's Kopperlocks

Ch. Budken Lady Chablis

Lamar's Montana

Oakmont Talk is Cheap

Ch.Truly Yours Queen-O-Hearts

Ch. Echowood's Truly Colour In Hilight

Roadshow-Echowood's Abracadabra

Echowood's Living Colours

Truly Yours Queen-O-Spades

Glenmurray's Dress Blues

Very Vigie Replay Truly Yours

Cekie Black Hamistu

Ch. Hi-Acre Wind Master

Ch.Bluemoon's Master Of Illusions

Bluemoon's Just One Time

Bluemoon's Promises to Keep

Ch. Hi-Acre Wind Chimes

Tropico Dare Bare

Cashel N Hi-Acre Restles Wind

JCh. Frostee Nežná Fantazie

Ch.Your-Hardt's Son Of a Gun

Chess King's Mastermind

Your Hardt's First Tanja Girl

Ch. Catrin Nežná Fantazie

Honybrooks Brown Sugar Bear

Georgiet Moser